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IslamFemale Genital Mutilation (FGM) is definitively top of the list to be the worst sort of evil exercised against women up to now. In the course of my research regarding this challenge, the cases that I have been exposed to have remaining me stunned and sick for the stomach. No other way of degradation quite when compared with FGM. What I also find troubling is how the practice is associated / attributed with Islam / Islamic practice, and particularly so by the likes of Christopher Hitchens and Ayaan Ali Hersi.

In order to understand and measure the meaning and make use of of negation in the Kalima, we have to philosophically and logically analyse it. We can achieve our objective, when we sincerely appreciate its necessity and importance. We must make efforts to comprehend the structural meaning of the term Negation (LA) inside beginning in the Kalima. Any variation from its intended meaning and context will result in literal meaning. Hence it becomes illusive and inconclusive. The meaning and notion of Kalima will have positive effect on a person when its context reveals its significance and importance. The comprehension of structural concept and context in which it is revealed can be carried out if clarity of mind and right mindset would like to accept. The following enumerations will substantiate the negation within the Kalima. Sheikh Mukhtar Ali says, “There are three stages to know the use of negation in the Kalima; the Takhliyah, the Tahliyah and the Tajliyah”. It is, therefore, essential to think seriously instead of casually. The sincerity will force somebody to come to terms and follow the straight path. Its importance and reasons of inclusion in Kalima at the beginning are profound, judicious and prudent. Hence every individual needs to know it unequivocally. It will guide him on the proper path and opens many vistas of knowledge. This will make him understand the real concise explaination “LA ILAHA ILLALAH”

In May, 2007, the PEW Research Center released their findings in a very survey of American Muslims. Among other findings (for example, seven beyond ten affirmed the American ideal that people who would like to prosper in America are capable of doing therefore they give your very best; seven beyond ten described themselves as delighted by the communities where they lived; a lot more than six from ten said the United States is really a place where every day life is better for girls compared to Muslim-majority nations; greater than six out of ten expressed worry and contempt for terrorism done in the category of their Faith) only 1% asserted Suicide Bombings could ever be justified in defense of Islam.

Another way of enhancing you child’s love of book reading particularly reading Islamic books is to read for many years stories regarding the great Muslim scholars and rulers that have been a vital part of the Muslim world for years and years. These stories not only give you the basic knowledge about the spread of Islam but also teach children numerous values that are a fundamental portion of like a good Muslim.

Nasr further opines: “The function of religion would be to bestow order upon human life and to establish an “outward” harmony upon whose basis man can return inwardly to his origin by way of your journey toward the “interior” direction. This universal function is especially true of Islam, this last religion of humanity, which is immediately a Divine injunction to determine order in human society and…”

When Islam emerged within the 7th century, there was a number of calendars being used all across the globe. Most of them were solar, some of them were lunar as well as the lunisolar ones. All of them unlike 2010 calendar or 2011 calendar were created and implemented in different civilizations inside the world. Significantly all of them had different starting dates called as epochs. This inconsistency among various calendars eventually became a challenge for young Muslims. They began to battle to consistently record various dates specially those on documents and correspondences from the fast-rising Muslim world.

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